Digital product development specialists

Finding the right people to build and launch digital products can be difficult, with a risk of being burned by expensive recruitment agencies or let down by contractors with hard to validate skills.

Our team

We have 30+ thoroughly proven digital specialists ready to work directly with you for a few hours or a few months. They have a proven track record with us so we’re confident that they can deliver, and they’re great people to work with. We carefully select our people based on:

  • Very high capability in their field

  • Ability to self-manage

  • They are often multi skilled - a strong secondary skill can provide perspective (eg: UX Design with a background as a developer can propose solutions which can be practically implemented.)

  • Shared values - a passion for learning, honesty, integrity, focus and drive

Some of the capabilities available within the JungleGym specialist team include:

  • Marketers to acquire, retain and grow audiences

  • Sales conversion specialists

  • Campaign managers (including search and social media specialists)

  • Content creators

  • Lawyers who actually understand the unique needs of digital startups

  • Security consultants

  • Digital product managers

  • Agile coaches

  • Solution architects

  • UX and UI designers

  • Developers

  • Testers

  • Data analysts

  • Business analysts

  • Project managers

  • Commercial modelling strategists

  • User researchers


We love the excitement and challenge of developing and launching digital products. We’ve built our own companies from the ground up, and worked with many others, both here in NZ and around the world, including some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands. Industry recognition for our work include Best Design awards for delivering great user experiences, and Cannes Gold Lions for world class digital marketing campaigns. 


Geoff Devereux

Geoff has deep experience in commercialising, funding and marketing digital products. He has had leadership positions offshore on mission critical projects for multinational businesses, has owned and managed local and digital consultancies in NZ and the UK servicing multinational clients, and been a founding member of several highly innovative digital start-ups.
Geoff is also a digital beachhead advisor for NZTE, advising NZ’s highest growth companies on digital strategies to grow globally. Read about Geoff as a Virtual Chief Digital Officer.


Stu Christie

A management consultant in early stage capital markets, Stuart works with companies, corporates and investors focused on the commercialisation and value-realisation of FinTech, SaaS and AI opportunities.

Chair of the AI Forum of NZ, an Investment Committee member of UoA’s Uni Services and previously Investment Manager at NZVIF.

Prior to that Stu was a founder of the world’s number one mobile banking platform M-Com, used millions of end users, which sold to Fiserv (USA) in 2011.


Sarah Crosswell

When you’re running a startup, Sarah is someone you definitely want at your side. She is an exceptionally focussed Product Owner and facilitator with magical organisational ability. She has 20 years of hands-on digital experience including roles as a Developer, Executive Producer, and Project Manager - in start-ups and digital consultancies.


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