Digital innovation and transformation programme

The reality is clear - you need to innovate to stay competitive. The good news is that you have the vision to get there, but the big question remains: are your people ready to go on the journey with you? They need to be creative, agile and open minded, supported by the right skills and experience. We can help build or transform your innovation programme iteratively and pragmatically, up-skilling your team through our capability building programme. We also have revolutionary ways for your executive leadership team to engage with innovators to grow a self-sustaining culture of innovation.

Where you don’t have all the right skills in your team, we help can fill the gaps either in the short-term with JungleGym's digital specialists, or by assisting you with recruitment.

We have travelled the road to building and launching world-class digital products many times already. Our programmes, tools, and methodologies will establish a clear road map that will show how to bring your vision to life. We can also offer ongoing support right through your journey - to launch and beyond.

Think Big, Start Small, Be Methodical

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Established businesses can innovate like lean startups. You need to get started quickly, building momentum through iterative product delivery and improvement, and investing resources based on validated performance.

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“Working with Geoff, Sarah and the team was inspiring and energising. Building myWealth changed the way NZ Funds thinks about the business and they proved to us their user centred approach to digital product design can impact the bottom line. We have also carried the practice forward into other projects.”

- Michael Lang (Director / CEO)


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