Startup bootcamp

With JungleGym you'll learn how to deliver a product users will love and create a business that's attractive to investors.

We have extensive experience of building startups in New Zealand and overseas. This has given us a clear perspective that allows us to see what's coming, and what you need to do to succeed. It's our mission to give you the ability to use your financial resources most effectively and do the right things, at the right time.

Foundation planning and validation programme

With a solid foundation supported by Rapid Business Modelling, JungleGym’s MVP design process will help you generate momentum in the right direction, quickly and cheaply. An efficient programme of iterative validation enables you to learn from the market and build value in your business.

Investor readiness and capital raise support

Capital raising is both an art and a science. Having raised startup capital ourselves we have the experience and connections necessary to help you acquire your own funding. We may also be able to help you unlock government assistance.

  • Assessing your funding requirements.

  • Preparing your pitch and supporting documents, including presentation deck and Information Memorandum.

  • Planning how and when to approach investors to give you the best chance of success.

  • Structuring your investment proposal, including legal agreements prepared by JungleGym’s startup savvy solicitor.

  • Coaching on how to engage and pitch to investors.

  • How to interpret and respond to investor requests, and much more.

Team activation

We will give you guidance on structuring relationships with your founders, recruitment strategy, and running Agile teams. You’ll develop the ability to identify short and long-term skills required, define individual roles and prioritise hiring, and which jobs to outsource. We can also give you support during staff interviews, and assist with employment contracts and employee share schemes.

Anyone can build a digital product - but building the right product that users will love, then getting them to pay attention to it is the hard part. The secret is understanding how to deliver ‘just enough’ to maintain momentum without wasting time or money on irrelevant features.

  • Merging evidence from the market with User Experience design methodologies will help you identify, prioritise, and deliver the features that have the most value to users. JungleGym can build your capabilities in MVP, UX and development:

  • User Research to understand your customers deeply.

  • User Experience Design to build a product that users love.

  • Specialist support to build a robust, secure digital product.

  • Solution Architecture to scale your startup in a planned, sustainable manner.

  • Content strategy to talk to your customers with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

Product UX and development support

Product Launch and Traction

We have extensive experience marketing and selling digital products, locally and globally. Using market leading tools and methodologies we’ll help you get deep insights into your target market.

  • Sales and Marketing strategy - including selecting the right channels to reach your audience

  • Sales coaching for enterprise products which require face to face client engagement

  • How to price your product so that’s it’s both profitable and competitive.

  • Ecommerce advisory - from simple selling online to sophisticated retail ecommerce

  • Campaign management to deploy campaigns

  • Reporting for effective, timely decision making


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