The JungleGym Philosphy

JungleGym is minimalism in practise

At JungleGym the concept of minimalism informs everything we do, at every level. 

  • At the user experience level it means keeping the interface simple and intuitive. 
  • At the development level it means ruthlessly prioritising what to build - never wasting effort to build more than is necessary. 
  • At the business level it means focussed, concise systems, plans and reporting which have high utility.
  • At the personal level it means removing things from your life that don’t bring you great joy or amazing utility. 

Applying JungleGym style minimalism to your project maximises value from every ounce of effort. Do - just - enough.

User-centered experiences

You want to add rocket fuel to your business? Building a powerful user-centred digital experience means it’s critical to prioritise listening and learning from users. Your true power comes from deeply understanding their needs - JungleGym can help you get it. 

Learn by doing

JungleGym are a team of makers who love building digital products and businesses. We’ve learned that the best and fastest way to figure things out is: Think, Do, Measure, Learn. And repeat. 

Lifelong love of learning

Every super successful team is committed to adopting a growth mindset and learning. JungleGym is the same. It means being curious, objective and self-aware. We teach the value of continuous learning and open-mindedness. Even failure is an opportunity to learn.

Team is everything

Alone we can do a little. Together we can do a lot. JungleGym training creates high-performance, self-organising teams that are collaborative, supportive, and with open, honest communication. You’ll get more done with less, keep high standards, and have fun - because work should be personally as well as professionally rewarding.