Digital Startup Ready

Co-Lab #1 - Flight Plan for Digital Product to Market Readiness

Why do this

Startups are counter intuitive - there are many things that you should consider but they probably won’t occur to you until you’re blindsided by them. And because you don’t have visibility of what you need to do, it’s easy to prioritise time and effort on the wrong things at the wrong time -  then run out of money and time. 

Our mission in this Co-lab is to give you the visibility of the things you should think about to allow you to prioritise effort on the most important activities at the right time. 

“The way to make your startup grow, is to make something users really love.”

Paul Graham (Y Combinator)



And the process of “starting up” (ie: getting offices, registering a company, hiring staff, etc) is not the most important thing - Starting up should be about corralling resources to allow you to build an amazing product that users love. The “business” is just an engine for building a better product and growing a market for it. 

Some of the businessy things need to be done - but make sure it’s done properly at the start so it doesn’t bite you down the track. Getting those things right but with minimum fuss/cost from the start really sets you up to build momentum.

So you’re going to need to take care of some stuff… and in the right order to ensure your resources can be stretched as far as possible. Do it with us and get it done quickly. 


What is iT

A 90 minute dedicated session for you and your co-founders with our two founders who will ask all the relevant questions about what you’ve done, what you’re planning and why. We will focus on product readiness, market readiness and capital readiness. It’s a pressure cooker which we will move through fast and will quickly surface where you may need to do some work. We promise you it’ll also be fun and you’ll get a lot out of it.

Afterwards we will provide you with a detailed report that clearly highlights any gaps and recommendations for next steps. This will be an important guide to get the house in order in the foundation stage of your business.

This course is for

Flight Plan is for anyone who has a digital product concept which they plan to take to market. You will have undertaken at least some planning to date, may have even raised some early capital and may have developed a prototype product.

  • Startup Founders

  • Corporate Entrepreneurs

How much does it cost?

$900 + GST.

This Course is registered with the NZTE Management Capability Development Voucher Fund and may be subject to 50% co-funding. Ask us how.


“The JungleGym team helped me take an idea to reality by filling the gaps in my knowledge.

Their support helped me focus and budget for all the right things.”

- Ric Salizzo (Founder, Longboard Games)